Modular signs


One of the most important field that cannot be passed over upon interior design for all facilities and buildings of different uses, are the internal and external guidance marks and billboards.

Their absence will lead to difficulty, without them the users would not find their way by their own inside the building. Such marks and signs guide the visitor to the sites and specific directions such as egressions, WCs and emergency exits.

Aletqan Company obtained in this field an exclusive agency for the products of the European TRILINE that has breakthrough the international markets and became in a position to acquire fan\me professionally through the modern guidance marks systems characterized by their high quality, creative and developed engineering designs, considered as an important element in achieving ideal use of the building in addition to their fitness to the different buildings, facilities and architectural projects such as airports, hospitals, commercial complexes, educational institutions, industrial plants and more TRILINE system for guidance sign boards encompass multiple types of products that all designed to achieve different functions, the most important thereof are:

  • Guide or map next to the building entrance for indicating its main divisions.
  • Signs on doors and department entrances showing the functions and services rendered therein.
  • Marks that provide information, guidance, warnings, procedures and office hours. Facility that the user would promptly notice and recognize the system of guiding signs and billboards by himself.
  • Creation of an integrated and concordant relationship between the marks and the architectural set-up of the building.
  • Flexibility in design such as to allow changing according to the development that future occurred to the building.
  • Printing of marks in accordance with the specifications and international standards that determine fonts, size, shape, distance and contrast in using symbols and colours.



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