Raw material

Contribution of AL etqan company in the deployment of various thermal printing techniques and the opportunity for a large segment of those interested in this product such as advertising and printing agents, offices, laboratories photography and working in the printing field overall, helping the spread of this product is its ease of use and lack of need for a large area to work coefficient of thermal printing.

For the purpose of developing the potential of our valued customers in order to achieve their goals in increasing the volume of their sales we work hard to find for them new ideas with best prices, best specifications, we provide most of what they need, supplies material of printing machines, heat presses and inks, paper, and other incoming raw materials in thermal printing stages, as we and through our specialized technical staff we are providing training services for beginners in this area so that they can learn all the basics and skills of thermal printing with ease.

We are agents and distributors of many international companies with competence in this field, such as Siser Italian company manufacturer of all material for printing on cloths in different colors and shapes, we also distribute product of Forever German company manufactured thermal paper for laser printers and the company Elchan Korean Industries for Sublimation and Eco solvent ink, as we have available a lot of supplies machinery that enables printing on Cups, Textile and Hats as well as Badges printing machine 3D hologram and other printing machines, all of which we offer to you at a deliberate and appropriate prices.

Visit us and you will find all your thermal printing requirements under one roof.